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You only have to wait, and be patient, so the one, will come to you

Tu solo tienes que esperar y ser paciente, asi, el indicado, vendra a ti

I want to stargaze with someone

Quiero ver las estrellas con alguien

Gruvia: juvia surely is making rain couse se is afraid of gray being angry (juvia is the men in this gif XD)

But gray make snow all the rain, couse he isnt angry

Nalu: just kids

Gale: Gajeel search an excuse to see levy

Levy is angry couse he is in the rain and probably get sick, but that doesnt matter

Jerza: Lovey dovey

Miraxus: Just this time, they find peace in the rain

Anonymous whispered: Do you know where is the second gif of gajevy (FT couples dating) from?

Yeah, of course, its of a movie called 10 things i hate about you, i hope this help you, and have a nice day :)

Oh you’re in my veins                           Oh, estás en mis venas
 And I cannot get you out              Y yo no te puedo sacar.

Oh you’re all I taste                       Oh, eres todo lo que pruebo
At night inside of my mouth          Por la noche dentro de mi boca.

Oh you run away                           Oh, tu huiste
Cause I am not what you found     Porque yo no soy lo que has                                                                          encontrado.

Oh you’re in my veins                     Oh, estás en mis venas
And I cannot get you out.                 Y yo no te puedo sacar.

Maybe, just maybe, we are made for each other

Quiza, solo quiza, nosotros estamos hechos para el otro.

Gruvia Gray is putting a lot of effort on it

Nalu Natsu is trying too hard, but lucy is too much for him ;)


-Let me cook gajeel

-I dont want

Jerza Erza is cooking this time, so she deserve a gif

Miraxus My favorite hate-love couple

-What are you cooking?

-Dont touch!







Gruvia:I think they fought couse gray will continue trying as before, and she would despair

Nalu: They would figth for little things like dont remember dates, or something like that

Gale: levy would despair that gajeel doesnt treat her like his girlfriend, or underestimate her (or her height)

Jerza: definitely she would get mad couse jellal underestimate the hard that is her life in the guild, and thinks that is easier than runaway of the law XD (she gets mad couse she needs him with her)

Miraxus: laxus is posesive, and mira like and dont that fact, so she always make him jealous, but sometime that get out of her hands and ends like this:

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