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Couse everytime i see you, i cant stop the beat of my heart

Por que cada vez que te veo no puedo parar el latido de mi corazon

I’m coming out of my cage

And I’ve been doing just fine

Estoy saliendo de mi caja

y lo he estado haciendo bien

Hey everybody, today is my birthday!!

Hola todo el mundo, hoy es mi cumpleaños!!

I dont even know if you feel the same

Ni siquiera se si sientes lo mismo

When i need you, you appear

Cuando te necesito, apareces

Maybe im making a whole mess of this

Quiza estoy haciendo todo un desastre de esto

You only have to wait, and be patient, so the one, will come to you

Tu solo tienes que esperar y ser paciente, asi, el indicado, vendra a ti

I want to stargaze with someone

Quiero ver las estrellas con alguien

Gruvia: juvia surely is making rain couse se is afraid of gray being angry (juvia is the men in this gif XD)

But gray make snow all the rain, couse he isnt angry

Nalu: just kids

Gale: Gajeel search an excuse to see levy

Levy is angry couse he is in the rain and probably get sick, but that doesnt matter

Jerza: Lovey dovey

Miraxus: Just this time, they find peace in the rain

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